Need More Potter? Welcome To Pottermore
By Kelsey Gulick, Grade 9

We've read all of the books, seen all of the movies, played through all of the video games - fans still cry out for more. An online world, perhaps? Will they get it? Well, maybe.

Welcome to Pottermore! An online, interactive reading experience that brings the vast amount of Potter fans into Harry's world! While some fans will be disappointed in hearing that it's a 'reading experience' and not a MMO (massively multi-player online game), this will surely be a site to check out once it's open for the public on October 1. J.K. Rowling even has some surprises for us: No longer shall we just be reading what we already know, but we shall be introduced to eighteen-thousand words of information about Harry's world that Rowling says she's been hoarding for years.

However, it's not all reading. There will be gaming elements that are sure to please fans. Players will go to Ollivandor's to receive their very own wand, and will be sorted into one of the four houses.

Ever noticed that you can't find any of J.K. Rowling's books in eBook form? There's a reason behind that. Pottermore will be the only place that you can find them.

Ready for an online Potter experience? I'll see you on Pottermore, October 1st.


Halo Remake and New Trilogy Announced at E3 2011  
By Russell Adler

That’s right - there is going to be a remake of the first Halo game: Combat Evolved. And, as a bonus, a new Halo trilogy has also been announced. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo 4 were officially announced at the E3 2011 Expo.

After the cliffhanger ending of Halo 3, fans will rejoice after watching the trailer that confirms the further adventures of Master Chief and Cortana. With the Halo remake, players will once again control the heroic Master Chief as they discover the mysterious ring-world, Halo, in enhanced graphics! Both will be released on the Xbox 360.

What does the remake have to offer? The original campaign is remastered for the Xbox 360, and the beloved multi-player maps are enhanced for Xbox Live! That’s right - you can play online! You can even play the campaign on co-op online. Once again, Superhuman Master Chief and A.I. Cortana will travel through Halo, fighting the Covenant (an evil group of Alien species), rescuing team mates and uncovering a force more powerful and more sinister than the Covenant.

Old fans will enjoy the remade campaign, and new fans will witness the origins of the legendary series. The remake will be released November, 15, 2011, exactly ten years since the release of the original Halo.

Halo 4 is going to be the first in a new trilogy of Halo games. Master Chief, and his Artificial Intelligence counterpart, Cortana, will return after five years. Sadly, it will be a little while before Halo 4 is released; the trailer announces a holiday 2012 release. Not much is known about Halo 4, except that it will be the first of a new trilogy, and that it will be developed by three-hundred and forty three industries, as well as the remake.

Both games are available for pre-order and their ratings are currently unknown, but will probably be rated M for Mature, like the original trilogy. Parental discretion is recommended.    


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