The Glee Project
By Loren Allen, Grade 9

Glee creators and producers have started a new competition unlike any other on Oxygen channel.

They came to the realization that some of the original characters of the Glee cast are graduating and will have to leave the show. The solution? Start a competition where the competitors must sing, dance, and act... but most importantly, show that they belong on Glee. 

The producers first had the tough job of cutting thousands of hopeful auditioners down to eighty-three. After that cut, they had to choose just twelve contestants that made it onto the cast of the reality show The Glee Project. But they have their eye on a much bigger show: Glee.

Contestants record, dance, act, and perform each week in front of Glee executives hoping to get noticed. 

The winner of the Glee Project gets to be a guest star on six episodes of Glee.

Go big or go home!

Graphic by Priscilla G., Grade 9

The Voice on NBC
By Loren Allen, Grade 9

Every Tuesday night, NBC’s The Voice came on. The show's goal was to make the next music super star.

The show started out by each of the four coaches picking the contestants for their teams. Some of the hottest people in the music business are the coaches: Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine. These auditons were done in way unique to reality television: blind. It didn't matter how old the contestant was, what they looked like, what they were wearing, or how they worked the stage. They were being judged completely on their voice.  

After the auditions and each coach has their team in place, a series of intense elimination rounds occur until the winner, the voice, is found.
Javier Colon won the first season of The Voice, but a new and exciting competition begins soon with season two.  

Stay tuned!

Photograph by Kristin Whittingto​n, Grade 9

7/7/2011 06:14:30 am

I haven't been able to see The Voice yet, but the Glee Project is a great show! I love it!


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