Accidental Agent: A Review of “Chuck”
by Christy Box, Grade 10

Have you dreamed of having a really exciting life? Maybe you’ve even had the dream of being a spy. It’s fun to dream about, but what if you had a regular life until one day when you were dragged into being a spy? Then you’d be just like Chuck.

“Chuck” is a series starting its fifth season this September. It stars Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, and Adam Baldwin. Chuck (Levi) is an ordinary, nice guy. He doesn’t really know where his life is going since he got kicked out of college for something he didn’t do. He’s working at an electronics store repairing computers...until one day when someone sends him a database of government secrets call The Intersect. These secrets are downloaded into his brain, and now Chuck has to help the CIA catch the bad guys with the Intersect and his own nerd skills. That is, with the help of Agents Sarah Walker (Strahovski) and John Casey (Baldwin).

The writing on this show is absolutely brilliant. Somehow, the writers manage to fit intrigue, adventure, romance, and loads of comedy into every episode. The comedy is perfectly written. Chuck always has a witty response ready, and even Casey’s dead serious lines turn out completely hilarious. The characters are extremely well-developed, even some of the more minor ones. The three main characters are perfect fits for each other. Chuck is an all-around good guy, but mostly inept. Sarah is a professional spy, but keeps getting her personal feelings mixed up with her job. Casey is a basic military tough guy, and the perfect foil for Chuck. However, there are some characters that work in the electronics store that could be done without. These characters were focused on a bit too much in the second season, but they have been given smaller and smaller parts.

The plots for every episode are very well-written, and frequently involve the characters (usually Chuck) having to get very far out of their comfort zone. The antagonists are everything they should be, and the spy work is awesome. One thing that is really great about this show is its balance between all kinds of genres, making it easy to get interested. The writing is somewhat similar to “White Collar” and “Psych,” so if you love these shows, you’ll probably love “Chuck.”

The actors are also first-rate. Although most of them are relatively new in Hollywood, they are still perfect in their parts. However, Adam Baldwin (no relation to the Baldwin brothers) has been acting since 1980, and he has even had parts in famous productions like “Independence Day.” All the actors seem to fit their characters, and the acting in the out-of-character moments is even better. “Chuck” also features some very well-known guest stars, like Brandon Routh (the latest Superman) as Shaw, Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey from “White Collar”) as Bryce Larkin, Scott Bakula as Chuck’s father, and Nicole Richie and Chevy Chase as two of many villains on the show. The latest season starred Linda Hamilton as Chuck’s mom and Timothy Dalton as Volkoff, the ruthless yet lovable villain.

Overall, this show is fabulous. I consider it to be the best show running right now. I would say this show is simply awesome. It is the only show I have ever seen that never ceases to surprise you, leaves you laughing, and makes you care about the characters. If you’re looking for a great show that can make you laugh and still keep up suspense, you’ve found it. “Chuck” just finished its fourth season and will be returning in the fall for its fifth and final season. Come join the hundreds of thousands of viewers that already love “Chuck.”

Recommended Episodes: “Chuck vs. the Truth,” “Chuck vs. the Nemesis,” “Chuck vs. the Dream Job,” and “Chuck vs. the Ring.”

IMDB - “Chuck”

And The Winner Is…
By Nicole Sills, Grade 9

“And the winner of American Idol Season 10 is…”  

That was about 10 seconds before the big news was announced by host Ryan Seacrest.  The crowd was silent, the tension was thick… there were only two people left, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. After two hours of performances from the top 13, the big news was only 10 seconds away.  The two had their first singles prepared, ready to sing if they won.  But only one will be given that chance to sing in front of America one last time.  With the judges unanimously predicting that Lauren Alaina would be the next American Idol, the suspense was incredible.

“And the winner of American Idol Season 10 is… Scotty McCreery!”  Scotty was elated to say the least.  Seventeen years old… born and raised in Garner, NC, and quoted as saying, “I am going to work my tail off to get to the finale and to win this thing and bring it back to Garner, North Carolina!”

He was the most loved out of the two, appealing to the large female teen fan base of American Idol. One of his nicknames was “Scotty McHottie”!  

The crowd went wild when they heard that he had won.  When asked by Seacrest what he was feeling, his first words were, “First I want to thank the Lord, because without Him, I wouldn’t be here.”  The jubilation is still going on, and it will undoubtedly be quite some time before the excitement dies down!

Congratulations Scotty!  What an amazing 10th Anniversary Season, one that will never be forgotten.

6/3/2011 10:16:38 pm

Christy: EVERYONE keeps telling me to watch Chuck, haha. :)

Nicole: I don't usually watch American Idol (I don't have cable), but I did watch that last performance. Scotty was amazing and even though I hadn't been following his journey through the whole show, I felt so proud of him! He's young, undoubtedly cute, and has a great voice that I'm sure will take him places. I'll definitely be buying his album soon!! :DD

6/5/2011 11:57:36 pm

Ha ha!! Thanks Rachael!! He was definitely amazing!! One of the nicknames he has earned is Scotty McHotty!!! LOL!!! I love the nickname!! I personally wanted James Durbin to win!!! He was amazing and very inspiring!! He had terets and something else yet he pursued his dream and ended in fourth. He was one talented singer!! I will be buying Scotty and James' albums right when they come out!!! LOL!!


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