TV Review: Victorious
By Sierra Terrell, Grade 10

Nickelodeon has a new iCarly in town with the new popular hit sitcom Victorious, starring Victoria Justice as Tori Vega.

Tori is a teenage girl who accidentally finds her way into an elite Hollywood performing arts high school, named Hollywood Arts.
In the series pilot, Tori’s crazy star-hungry sister Trina (Daniella Monet) gets an allergic reaction and can't perform in the Hollywood Arts school talent show. The show time arrives, and of course the show must go on. Tori fills in for her sister and has to perform the song Trina was supposed to sing. Tori finds herself rocking out the house with her new undiscovered talent, and finds her way into the school.

During her first day at Hollywood Arts, Tori finds a crazy, but talented new group of friends including the hot Beck (Avon Jogia) with his dark and jealous girlfriend Jade in tow (Elizabeth Gillies). She also meets the mega-talented Andre (Leon Thomas III), the clueless Cat (Ariana Grande), the awkward and puppet-loving Robbie (Matt Bennett), and her weird acting teacher Mr. Sikowitz (Eric Lange).

I have to admit that the show is pretty good, and one of my personal favorites. It’s a great comedy, the cast shines with notable personality, and the music simply rocks.

But aside from that, the show also shares important messages such as, ''be yourself'' and ''make it shine.'' These messages are so relatable, and are key messages that kids today need to hear.

The way they give it to you makes you want to cheer, “Victorious!”
Once you enter Silent Hill, there is no turning back
By Lynzie Thompson, Grade 9

Silent Hill is a 2006 movie based on the Konami Entertainment video game of the same name.

Rose DaSilva is just your typical mother who worries and cares deeply for her child. Sharon DaSilva is your not so typical 9 year old troubled and adopted child who has nightmares of a place called “Silent Hill.”

To everyone in town, “Silent Hill” is the town where a mine burned down most the buildings and is still burning underground. It is a town that is forbidden, and anyone who has ever entered has never returned.

Worried and hoping to cure her daughter, Rose takes Sharon to the town of “Silent Hill,” risking everything, including her life.

As Rose wakes up from a terrible car wreck, she notices that Sharon has disappeared. Desperate to find her daughter, Rose searches the town of “Silent Hill” and then realizes that “Silent Hill” is more than a forbidden town. It is an eerie ghost town covered with ashy air and burnt buildings.

Cop Cybil Bennett assumes Rose is mentally psychotic claiming her daughter is lost in this forbidden town. As an alarm goes off from the church speakers, Rose and Cybil both learn that many deformed and demented creatures lurk around everywhere preying on dark souls.

As Rose and Cybil make their way through “Silent Hill” they discover the truth about the apocalyptic disaster that occurred 30 years before. Does Rose find Sharon? Does Cybil stay by Rose’s side? What happened 30 years before? Does anyone make it out alive in this warped town? Watch Silent Hill and find out for yourself.

“Silent Hill will shatter your senses and leave you breathless”.

Rated R by the MPAA
Rachael Britton
5/16/2011 10:18:55 pm

Silent Hill sounds uh-maz-ing. Too bad I'm not 17(:

Nicole Sills
5/16/2011 10:41:02 pm

Great article Lynz!!!! I so want to see that movie now!!!


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