Quidditch… for REAL?
By Eliana Lozano, Grade 10

As I opened the website of Vassar College, I saw the press release “Mount your broomsticks.. It’s Quidditch”… my eyes couldn’t believe it; I read the press release over and over.

The college located in Poughkeepsie, New York is widely known for its creative and unique student body and it was ranked the second happiest student body in the country in 2002 by the Princeton Review.

Regardless of not having magical powers or brooms, students have managed to have fun every Sunday and Wednesday with its 30 teammates.  

The game has spread to various colleges, an Intercollegiate Association was created and students at Vassar have declared that “Quidditch is pretty unique… It’s like a combination of literature, physical activity and Halloween.”

The rules of the game have been developed using the detailed description of the J. K Rowling books and movies. However, since students can’t fly, their broomsticks can be found between their legs and players have declared that it’s challenging to only use one hand throughout the game. In 2007, Vassar’s team went against the Middlebury team to compete for the World Cup in which Middlebury took the winning title home. No matter if they lose or win, the arousal of Quidditch by various colleges has been very curious, in fact I would love to grab a broomstick and play with Vassar.

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An Environmental Project
By Laiana, Grade 9

It has come to a place in the history of the earth where things are changing. There are many theories about these changes, such as natural cycles or human interference. Things like warming of the globe, endangered species, changes in climate, and the so called movement of the axis of the planet by large natural disasters are markers that something is happening in our home.

I take several FLVS courses and one of them is Earth Science. I have enjoyed this course very much and have learned so much through it. One of the things I have learned is how little drinking water there is on the planet. Out of all the water on the planet, which might seem like a lot when you stand in front of the vast ocean, only 12% of it is drinkable water. Out of that, the water is broken down further into the water we can get and the water that is unavailable. Out of that 12% about 3% is accessible because the rest is either frozen or in the atmosphere.

What do you have to say about the land? The Earth Science course has taught me yet another thing. The land we live on is a very thin layer in the layers of the earth. It is obvious when observing a map of the world that there is much more water than land. Since the land erodes, it is in terrible danger because we build on the sea shores. What happens when you build on the sea shores is that the harsh waters crash and erode the land easier and faster. Eroding is the process by which the water crashes on the sea shore and picks up the rock, sand or land and takes it away to the ocean leaving less land behind. This happens every time a wave crashes on the shore but it was never a problem until now.

All we have left to do is help and correct our mistakes! There are so many things you can do, from big to small! You can decide to adapt your life to simple changes, and you can also stir up your creativity and reuse things to keep them out of landfills! Thinking bigger and bigger? Why not get your whole school involved? Host recycling festivals, make a school wide pledge to help, and keep recycling containers for the students to use throughout the school.

I am Laiana, a girl in ninth grade who wants to help. You can join me; I have constructed a site where I recycle uniquely. The name of the site is called Recycle Uniquely and it is mostly about crafts and ways to reuse things in your home, but I also share tips, links and things you can do to help the planet. I have a Facebook page and group and we are badly in need of people that can comment, give ideas, be involved, and above all spread the word and get others in on how to recycle!

Whether this is all happening through natural means or because it is our doing, we can surely help and lend our hand at keeping the planet healthy and preventing further disaster.

Earth and Space FLVS online course
The news and local newspapers, such as the Japan Disaster News.
Please visit our site at: http://recycleuniquily.blogspot.com/

Shelby Higdon
5/5/2011 05:16:42 am

XD OMG that is so funny! I want to play Quidditch, too. lol

Nicole Sills
5/12/2011 11:05:49 am

That sounds AMAZING!!! I would LOVE to play Quidditch!!!

6/29/2011 12:30:38 am

Dear Laiana:

What a great way to spread the word about the environmental dangers that we face and the importance of recycling. I try every day to reuse and recycle as much as I can. It is an up hill battle to get others to want to do the same but I am teaching my son and that is important. He is the future of tomorrow and if we pass this knowledge to our kids, they'll pass it to theirs and we can multiply the number of people who spread responsibility and awareness in the future. Keep up the good work.


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