Osama Bin Laden Dead
By Christy Box, Grade 10

On May 1, President Obama announced the official report: Osama Bin Laden, the head of Al Qaeda and mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, is dead.

After a ten-year manhunt for Bin Laden, Obama received enough intelligence of Bin Laden’s whereabouts to launch an operation. A courier connected to the terrorist was traced back to a compound in Pakistan with no telephone or Internet service. The compound was valued at over one million dollars, and experts stated it was custom-built to hide someone significant.

A small U.S. Special Operations team was sent in to the compound early morning on May 2 (Pakistan time zone). A firefight ensued, during which Osama Bin Laden was shot in the head. The body was positively identified by several methods. Four other people in the compound died in the firefight, including a woman that one of the terrorists was using as a shield (now believed to be Bin Laden’s wife).

The body is now in U.S. custody. One official reports that his body was buried at sea. Several officials assured that the body was handled carefully in Islamic practice.

Crowds of people gathered outside the White House, Times Square, and Ground Zero of the Twin Towers, celebrating, chanting, and waving American flags. The families and friends of those lost in 9/11 were among the crowd.

A warning has been issued by the government for Americans travelling anywhere in the world to be wary of retaliations by al Qaeda.

Obama summed up the thoughts of many in his speech on the night of May 1st, with his statement, “Justice has been done.”

MSNBC Breaking News - May 2nd, 2011
CNN Breaking News - May 2nd, 2011
Shelby Higdon
5/4/2011 02:23:15 am

It's about time we got him. Did you know that Obama announced that he knew about Osama's whereabouts since last September? We could have had him a long time ago.

My uncle is a soldier, and I send out a heartfelt thank you and Bless you to all the soldiers that have died and have and are risking their lives for our freedom. BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

Rebekah Doucette
6/2/2011 02:13:03 am

Good article, Christy!


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