Natural Beauty - Here I Come!
By Niharika, Grade 10

Skin Secrets
Place a couple of acidic fruits, such as chopped lemons, over your skin. Fruits and some vegetables are considered natural exfoliates. This small technique will make your skin look fresh.

Stay protected by using moisturizer with black tea before sunscreen. Studies show the ingredient decreases the effect of UV radiation on skin and may help prevent sunburns.

Some people might have never heard of this, but applying a facial mask in the shower is a great idea. Yes! In the shower. The steam in the shower opens pores so the ingredients from the facial mask can penetrate.

For an organic sunscreen, mix together organic sunscreen and a pinch of loose mineral for a refreshing sunscreen that will enrich your senses.

Hair Tips
Treat dry strands of hair with some olive oil. Oil rejuvenates your hair to be silky and non-dry. Oil also makes your hair look shiny.

Preserve your hair color by using shampoos without sulfates. Sulfates make the hair lose color and look unhealthy.

Make curls soft and touchable.

Prevent breakage of chemically treated hair by applying rich styling cream.

No one wants frizzy hair. To help fight the frizz, use alcohol-free moisturizing stylers.

Strengthen hair by using a Mayo mask.

All of these tips are organic, fresh, and healthy. So the next time you are having a bummer with your hair and skin, just use these tips and you can be a natural beauty, too.


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