Do cell phones cause brain cancer?
By Niharika, Grade 10

A lot of people around the world use cell phones and this number is increasing every day.

Cell phones emit radiation waves that are smaller than microwave waves, but they may still be dangerous. These are the radiation waves that may put an individual at risk of developing brain cancer. However, the effects of cell phone use will not show up instantly because it is a long-term effect.  

However, no one is saying to stop using cell phones.  One should simply be careful when handling them. One can use an ear plug connecting from the cell phone to the ear.  This will minimize the effects of radiation in the brain.  Also, when using your cell phone be sure to place it five-to-eight inches away from your head.  

Source: http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2011/05/20/gupta-cell-phones-brain-tumors-and-a-wired-earpiece/

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