Autism: How to Help
By Chitra Banarjee, Grade 7

Many children are associated with the disease of Autism, and many children are set apart by this disability.  They receive no fun, help, or friends.  Why should they suffer for something they were born with?

First of all, you must be asking: what is autism?  Autism is a brain disease, in which social and communication skills do not grow at the ordinary rate.  Most of the time, it is children seen with autism.  As they approach adulthood, they learn to talk and communicate with others successfully.  

Hayden Moore, a sixteen-year old affected with autism, has been training for his future life.  He is currently learning how to successfully express his feelings.  He goes to an ordinary school where they train him and show him how to interact with ordinary kids around him.

These days, more and more children are diagnosed with autism; and it has been observed that it is more common in wealthy children.  Also, five years ago, there was much less autistic children in the world.  No one has found a cure for this disease yet.

Then, finally improving conditions of autism.  Schools are very active in the case of special needs.  They have many programs where ordinary and gifted children interact with their autistic classmates and help them in the way only a friend can.  

Many volunteers show up at schools to help make sure these children are happy in the school environment; however, one drawback is that so many of the ordinary kids laugh at the speech and behavior of autistic children.  They make fun of autism. Sometimes they just can’t realize that everyone has feelings.

Don’t go with them; help them out.  Show them that you care.  No one really knows what goes on in a mind of an autistic child. They are not disabled - they’re simply special.  So, be a friend and show them that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.

Tonsillitis: It is What it Looks Like
By Chitra Banarjee, Grade 7

When you read the word “tonsillitis,” what do you think of?  That’s right - you think tonsils.  Well, tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils.  It is an infection that is the result of microorganisms settling in your nose, or as in this case - tonsils.  The tonsils will result in inflammation, extreme redness, and may encounter other issues in your nose.  

So are you at risk?  Well, children up to ten-years-old are most commonly affected with this infection; however, anyone can get it - at any time.  It can be caused by a bacteria; however, in most cases it is caused by a virus.

The symptoms of tonsillitis are related to what you may feel if you’ve catched the flu.  Some symptoms include, but are not limited to: swollen lymph nodes, difficulty swallowing, headaches, and obviously - fever.  Younger children with the infection are also known to complain of a tummy ache.

Tonsillitis may cause glandular fever; however, it must be severely paired up with lethargy, rashes and a fever.  Another effect is the collection of pus around the tonsil.  This may spread to the roof of the mouth and to the neck, chest, and lungs.  Symptoms of this spreading include: swelling of the face and neck, difficulty opening the mouth and so on.  

Furthermore, a common complication is a formation of an abscess in the tissues around the tonsil.  Wait a sec!  Let’s back up a bit!  What’s an abscess?  An abscess is a swollen area in the tissues.  If the tissues get swollen, the airway can be blocked and cause breathing problems.  In this case, the abscess would have a specific name - peritonsillar abscess - also known as quinsy.

There are different treatments that depend on the combination of symptoms; however, receiving pain relieving syrup and inducing plenty of fluids seem to help the condition.  Some doctors prescribe antibiotics; however, these medical tools are used only if a throat swab shows bacteria that is causing the infection.  Most children recover in a few days of the infection; some, on the other hand, get frequent parties of tonsillitis.

Nicole Sills
5/12/2011 11:07:21 am

Great Article Chitra!!! I know how tonsillitis feels, I had it and it was so bad they had to remove my tonsils!! Great job!!


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