My Body 101: Staying Hydrated and Well-Fed
By Diana Panagoulias, Grade 11

Now that it’s summer, the temperature keeps rising and rising.  If you live in Florida, you’re fully aware of what Florida experiences each summer, and are aware of what to expect from the summer.  An important pro tip is to always stay hydrated and well-fed - especially when playing sports in the hottest temperatures.

Always stay hydrated.  Sure, you’ve probably heard this cliched line way more than 100 times already; however, this is crucially important - especially during the summer months.  Be sure that you’re drinking at least eight 8 oz cups of water a day.  This is equivalent to four 500 ml bottles, you know, the bottles of water you would purchase at the store.  If you’re playing sports, being active, or spending large amounts of time outdoors: drink more water.  

Always stay well-fed.  They don’t say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for nothing.  Grab something in the morning - whether it’s just a banana, an apple or a granola bar, and snack on it.  By the end of the day, evaluate your diet and see whether you lacked from a certain food group or not.  This way, you know exactly what to add to your diet tomorrow.

Staying hydrated and well-fed are two of the very many crucial things our bodies need in order to survive and stay healthy.  If you’re planning on being busy this summer, be sure to not forget about your body and treat it.  Get out there and have some fun out in the sun.... just be sure to stay well hydrated and well-fed.

Acne 101: Acne Remedies
By Nayah Boucaud, Grade 8

Yikes!  Did you take a look in the mirror this morning and discover a few new zits?  Yeah, that’s right - it is the gift of acne.  No one wants acne, but it just comes with the whole “teen” package due to our hormones misbehaving.  So, what are you going to do about acne?  Teens use all kinds of face creams and cleansers.  These products are great, but there are some natural remedies to help get rid of acne.  Here are 9 great tips to help you out:

Reduce Your Coffee Intake- Did you know that coffee can cause acne?  Stop drinking too much coffee and your acne might disappear.  Drink tea or water to substitute coffee.  Reduce your intake to 3 times a week.

Clean Your skin- There are things we can use to clean our face that don’t contain such irritating chemicals.  Try an anti-bacterial face wash or even lemon juice.  Wash your face no more than 3-times daily to keep it hydrated, but not overly oily.

Shampoo More Regularly- Washing your hair actually may help reduce acne.  Acne near to, or along the hair-line, is caused by fatty acids.  It can be very bad for the rest of your face, so be sure to wash your hair regularly to reduce acne.

Exercise Regularly- This helps reduce stress and can give more oxygen to the skin. It is important to exercise daily for acne reduction.  Play a sport you really like or go bike riding with your friends.  Be active and you should notice a difference in your complexion.

Shower After Workouts- After burning off calories and sweating off all the dirt and oils, make sure you wash it all off.  If you don’t, then all the dirt and oils may enter your body - which is not good in treating acne.  Shower as frequently as possible with an anti-bacterial soap.

Improve Your Diet- Do you not like your vegetables?  Well, your face and body does.  It is important to have your required servings of vegetables, fruit, meat, and dairy products for a clear face.  Evaluate your diet and see which nutrients you’re lacking - if any.  If you don’t like vegetables, then make them fun.  Drink them in juice or eat them as sticks dipped in a tasty sauce.

Drink Water- This is one of the most helpful tips in the acne world.  Water reduces acne even though it may seem like it doesn’t.  Water flushes down all the toxins that may initiate your acne in the first place.  Drink more water and get rid of the sugary drinks.  Sugar is also an enemy of acne and as great as it tastes, it is bad for your overall health.

Remove Makeup Before Sleeping- A lot of make-up products have harsh chemicals in them that can cause acne breakouts. Change coats, so that is will be new and fresh.  Make sure you get rid of it before bed and you will feel even better when you wake up.  If you forget, as soon as you wake up wash your face with an anti-bacterial soap.

Stay Away From The Chemicals- Some make-ups and creams can aggravate acne. You’re beautiful, so embrace your beauty. This may sound silly, but you really don’t need to wear any make-up to make you feel “beautiful”.  You were given a beautiful face by itself, and painting it all the time will fade the colors eventually.  Nobody likes acne and harmful chemicals in skin-care products are just going to make it worse for your acne.


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