The Importance and Dangers of Sunscreen
By Maggie Poling, Grade 9

It has been said by dermatologists and sunscreen companies for years: “Wear your screen!  Save yourself from skin cancer!”  Although you may prevent a sun burn, over the years chemical sunscreens have been proven to be less favorable as a conqueror of skin cancer, and many other health disasters as well.  

For example, the chemicals found in our typical bottle of sunscreen are in fact free radical generators.  Definition?  It increases cellular damage, which may assist in the development of cancer.  This may sound surprising, but to be completely honest, have you ever actually read the ingredient label on a bottle of sunscreen?  Things like benzophenones, cinnamates, and salicylates are all combined together to create that white goop we put all over our bodies.  

In addition, it’s definitely not too late to change nor should it sound frightening to change.  Chemical sunscreen is dangerous, but there are natural sunscreens that exist and work, too!  In fact, I use one from a company called Chae Organics, which provides completely natural and organic alternatives to the conventional sunscreen products available at stores like Walgreens and CVS/Pharmacy.  If you’re curious, here’s the link: www.chaeorganics.com.

It’s easy to make the change, but it’s not so easy to fix the damage that’s waiting to be done.


Your Body 101: Tips 4 Physical N’ Mental
By Nayah Boucaud, Grade 8

A lot happens to our bodies among the stages of child-to-tween-to-teen.  Acne, emotional  issues and all kinds of silly stuff our hormones dominate.  Being a teen definitely has its advantages, but what’s the thing about our body?  Mental and physical are important to look at; it’s important to know what is going on with you. This delicate stage in your life is important to keep safe from harm; there are some things that can help you out.  Here are some things you should know about our bodies:

Monthly Visits: Girls have their monthly visitor in their lives.  During this time, it’s important to drink plenty of water and take frequent showers during “Mother Nature’s” monthly visit.  Wear comfortable clothing, but don’t act like you are going through a battle.  Just be careful not to yell at somebody for no reason during this monthly visit.

Oily Hair: The same thing that may initiate acne in teens is the same thing that makes our hair oily.  It is all a part of puberty! Oily hair can be found in eyebrows, head hair, and hair on our skin.  Make sure to wash your hair frequently to avoid oily hair if you’re prone to oily hair.

Parents: Which would you rather talk to in a certain situation? Your friends or parents?  Friends are cool and we often like hearing their opinions, but it’s important that we remember our parents’ opinions, also.  Our parents have gone through everything we’re presently going through, so remember them in these situations.

Talking: People talk all the time.  However, some teens may find it hard to talk to others about their problems.  You’re going through the craziest time of all and you should talk about it.  Grab a trusted friend, parent, teacher or counselor to “vent” your feelings.  You could even keep a journal and “vent” your feelings by writing.   Grab a paper and pencil and begin to draw.  Let your feelings known, because in some cases extreme negative emotions may lead to depression.  Depression is a mental-disorder that you don’t want to get caught in.  Stay happy, be healthy and don’t feel afraid to hold back on your feelings.  Talk to people you trust and you will be fine.

These tips are just a few of some of the basic things you should know as a teen.  Log on http://www.teenhealth.org to learn more.  We may go through some hard material at this age period, but it is the best time to discover more about who you are.  Put your goals on gear and get ready to race to success.


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