Day at the Capitol a Success
By Christy Box, Grade 10

On Wednesday, March 23, a dozen FLVS students, along with parents and staff, assembled at the Florida state Capitol building to talk to legislators about Florida Virtual School.

Among the staff were Cindy Knoblauch (Student Activities Coordinator), Mary McCool (Legislative Student Ambassadors Sponsor), and Julie Young (President and CEO of FLVS). The students included some of the foremost FLVS students, club members, and ambassadors.

Families came from Marianna, Madison, Chiefland, Tallahassee, Orlando, Melbourne and Jacksonville to help. There were staff members from as far as Panama City and as newly hired as two weeks.

While at the Capitol, our FLVS representatives showed course tours and answered questions for many Florida legislators. They also visited legislators in their offices and even stopped them in the hallways to ask for their support!

We asked Cindy Knoblauch what she thought of Day at the Capitol. She replied, “Going to the Capitol to meet with legislators face-to-face is beneficial and educational to all.  Students and parents get to share their story and take part in the political process, and our Senators and Representatives get to see who is affected by the decisions they are making and are better informed to make smart choices for students. The students who attended the Day at the Capitol did an outstanding job of representing FLVS students and staff! FLVS is proud to offer students many different educational opportunities and activities.  Besides being a great learning experience, it is fun to meet up with other FLVS students.”

Mary McCool added, “The success of Florida Virtual School's Day at the Capitol is because so many powerful people united in its planning, organizing, advertising and execution—a very special thank you to everyone involved. Together, FLVS has certainly made an impact.”

We are very proud of the FLVS students, parents, and staff that went to the Capitol to support our school. With your help and the support of many other bright FLVS students, we can gain monumental support for Florida Virtual School. Thanks to all who attended!

Chitra Banarjee
4/25/2011 11:29:56 am

Hey Christy,
As always an amazing article! That sounds so cool! Did you go?
- Chitra

4/27/2011 10:05:00 am

Thanks, Chitra! Yes, I was there. It was AWESOME. I met a lot of really great supervisors and Ambassadors there.


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