FLVS Rocked the Florida Commissioner’s Academic Challenge
By Christy Box, Grade 10

From April 7-9, six FLVS students entered the Commissioner’s Academic Challenge arena at Coronado Springs to match against students from all over the state.

On Thursday, the FLVS team sat in on the Division 1 competition to watch the would-be first place winner for the division. Soon after, they started their own round against such teams as Indian River and Highlands. FLVS finished 4th with 174 points. Unfortunately, only the top two teams continued on to semifinals.

The FLVS team continued on Friday in a second round for the teams that did not make semifinals already. The top two teams here would also continue to the semifinal round the next day. FLVS made a strong finish with 146 points, but still only made 4th place.

They spent the rest of the day in Epcot, discussing such things as misconceptions about Antonio Salieri and obscure literature.

The FLVS team did not make semifinals, but they did make a strong impression for their premier at the FCAC. They have already begun plans for next year.

For the rest of the time, the team enjoyed exploring the Disney Parks and the Coronado Springs Resort until they attended a finale banquet Saturday night.

When we asked Leisa M. what she thought of her time on the FLVS team, she told us, “The CAC tournament was an amazing experience! I got to meet many wonderful people, while also getting to discuss the obscure differences between various empires in ancient history.”

For pictures of the 2011 Florida Commissioner’s Academic Challenge, see www.cacpics.com (password: challenge). For more information about the competition, see http://www.academic-challenge.org/cac/index.html.

Congratulations to Florida Virtual School’s 2011 CAC team!

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