Building Momentum: The FLVS Open House
By Nayah Boucaud, Grade 9

Are you a new FLVS student who wants to know something about your school? Maybe you are a current student and want to talk to teachers and staff, and also learn about future activities in FLVS. Now you can, at the FLVS Momentum Open House!

FLVS has an Open House every year so that you can know more about your virtual school. This year, the Open House will take place on the 24th and 25th of August. At the event, you will see FLVS in a whole new way. But this huge Virtual Conference is not only for students. You can also invite your parents, school leaders, siblings, and even your friends. Momentum is open to everyone, even the general public!

Last year, the CEO of FLVS, Julie Young, gave a speech that inspired us to join and support FLVS. We hope to see her again at the open house, along with all of the staff. There will also be several New Activity booths, so that you can see the future for FLVS. The best part about Open House is that it is 100% virtual. You don’t have to worry about traveling, expenses, or even a hotel room, because you can attend straight from your computer. FLVS will bring the conference to you through their Virtual Platform, a bustling online environment filled with booths, info rooms, and even an auditorium.

Students, stop by the FLVS Open House on August 24th and 25th! You are guaranteed to learn more about FLVS and all of the wonderful things we offer here.

FLVS Momentum Open House

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