Fine Arts Fantasia
By Andrew, Sammi, Christy, Maggie, and Nayah

There’s a new student activity at FLVS! It includes acting, singing, art, composing, band, and performing. Allow us to introduce Fine Arts Fantasia.

For artistic students, Fine Arts Fantasia is an opportunity like no other. Fine Arts Fantasia is also extremely accessible to any audience, since it takes place online. If you are in a state other than Florida, or even an international student who uses FLVS, you can still take part in our fine arts student activity!

Budget cuts have forced school districts to eliminate art classes in high schools. To succeed in a new economy, however, high school and college graduates will be required to use their imagination to come up with new solutions to problems, communicate effectively, and apply good work ethic. Theater, an expressive art form that dates far beyond classical Greek roots, has been used as a means of entertainment and escape for rich and poor alike. Fortunately, there is a new FLVS initiative, “Fine Arts Fantasia,” that seeks to create a virtual performance for hopeful creative professionals.

Fine Arts Fantasia was created to bring singers, musicians, actors, artists, and writers together in one place to come up with performance pieces. “It’s for students who are interested in fine arts, especially homeschooled students who don’t have other outlets. They will be able to participate in a production like one in a brick and mortar school, and put their talents to work and practice on real productions,” Christy Box, a member of Fine Arts Fantasia, explained.

Activity participants will work together to produce a performance that will air virtually with the possibilities of a live face to face performance. 

To join, students can contact Ms. Dedo at rdedo@flvs.net with their name, email address, and phone number. Any student enrolled in Florida Virtual School can participate in this activity.

Anna A
7/18/2011 10:54:21 pm

The Fine Arts Fantasia is really fun. It is a great experience for people who do not know how to composs music, make an outline act, and more. The teachers are super awesome too!

Jillian Frawley
7/20/2011 12:18:21 pm

This looks so cool! I would love to do this.


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