The Perfect Pair: FLVS and Connections Academy
By Rosemary Reynolds, Grade 10

Since 2008, Florida Virtual School has partnered with the award-winning Connections Academy. However, this relationship has not resulted in a combined virtual school - until now.

Beginning this year, Florida Virtual School is introducing their newest program available to students throughout the state: Florida Virtual School Full Time. Public School students can enroll in FLVS FT from Kindergarten through 11th grade, taking 6 courses per semester (or the equivalent for K-5). Beginning in the 2012-13 school year, Public School FLVS FT students have the option of getting their high school diploma, which the regular FLVS does not offer. Although, state mandated assessments are required and must be completed, like in any public school. Also in the 2012-13 school year, FLVS FT is rolling out their first option for 12th graders in public school! These 12th graders will have the opportunity to obtain their diploma. FLVS FT isn’t just for public school students though; there is also a great plan for homeschoolers!

Many homeschoolers, like myself, take FLVS courses year-round. Now, FLVS has made a program especially for homeschoolers! It is free, like FLVS, but is focused on a more structured schedule. Instead of loosely picking courses whenever you can, FLVS FT aims more towards a regular school schedule, consisting of 180 days. Grades 6 through 12 are offered for homeschool students. The homeschool option on FLVS FT is a fantastic one, but keep in mind, you still do not receive a high school diploma, just as you would not with the regular FLVS program.

The schedule is not the only highlight. There are also many new courses that FLVS does not currently offer in their regular program! Extensive Technology courses are available, such as AP Computer Science, Business Systems Technology, Game Design, 3D Art Modeling, and many more. Also, more Foreign Language courses are offered. In addition to Spanish, Chinese, and Latin, FLVS FT offers Japanese, French, German, and even Sign Language!

With the combination of the two greatest virtual schools in the nation, Florida Virtual School and Connections Academy are sure to be the perfect pair. To learn more about FLVS Full Time, please visit the website here.


Florida Virtual School Full Time Website

Connections Academy Website
De'Mona Reid 8th grade
7/28/2011 08:53:57 am

Wow that's pretty cool! I just might try that.


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