Virge: The Virtual Edge
By Rachael Britton, Grade 9

Florida Virtual School is always looking for new ways to expand their Student Activities and clubs list. Their newest addition? Virge, a literary magazine by students of all ages, just like you.

Inside this first edition of Virge, you’ll find 74 pages of literary work submitted by students of all ages. You’ll discover poetry, beautiful artwork, and short stories ranging in genre from science fiction to romance. Also thrown into the mix is a bit of non-fiction, and even opinion pieces.

However, this lit mag is not a club. Anyone can submit their creation to be published!

If you are interested, here is some information.

The work that can be published in Virge must be:
- Original artwork, including but not limited to paintings, sketches, and drawings
- Black and White or color photographs
- Non-fiction
- Fiction
- Poetry
- Opinion pieces

You may make up to three submissions per edition, but they do not have to be in the same category.

All written work must be submitted in a Word Document, Rich Text File, or Plain Text Format, and please keep the word limit under 1,000 words.

Artistic pieces such as art and photography should be submitted as a JPEG file with the highest resolution possible. Please keep the file under 10 MB.

No profanity or inappropriate behaviour in any piece submitted.

If you follow these simple rules, you’ll see your creation published online on a real literary magazine!

If you’d like to read the various stories and poetry and browse the art selections, please visit Virge: The Virtual Edge.

The second issue of Virge will be released in July, along with the opportunity to submit content for the following issue.


5/18/2011 07:15:48 am

I am glad you guys wrote an article about this! I'm glad I made the decisison to post things! Look for my poetry stories and other artwork in there under Jana...

Rosemary - Technology Editor
5/21/2011 12:29:16 am

Great job, Rae! Your article is great. I love the VIRGE. The first edition is huge, with many more entries to come, I'm sure!

5/23/2011 02:34:51 am

Oh, yes! I LOVE Virge! I was actually published in this first issue and I hope to be in the next! I was kinda sad when I got to the last page. . . And you have to agree with me that there are some really talented artists!

5/26/2011 01:30:56 am

I read the VIRGE. It's a lot better than I had thought. It's so fun to see how artistic and and creative other students can be. I can't wait for the next issue!


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