Osama Bin Laden: So What’s Next?
By Nayah Boucaud, Grade 8

If the whole world has not heard about the recent death of terrorist Osama Bin Laden, I would be very surprised. Osama bin Laden was reportedly shot dead by U.S. Navy SEALs.

However, questions are still floating around. Is Osama Bin Laden really dead? Was he ever alive? Will the US troops leave any sooner? These and more have been asked many times. Sadly, there are no answers yet. Some believe he is not dead. They question President Obama’s authority to even kill Osama Bin Laden.

The truth is that we are scared. Scared of what is going to happen next. Is terrorism really over for good or will we have another problem in the United States even worse than the first?

Osama Bin Laden was killed in front of some of his family. His 12-year-old daughter and wife witnessed the attack but are still alive. What’s next for them? Are they going to be arrested or worse yet, killed?

This has been breaking news for a long time on most news channels. Are we allowed to celebrate? Maybe we should be watching even closer now. Watching to see what is next. United States citizens definitely do have mixed feelings about this. Some are nervous and some are celebrating - shouting “USA” in the streets.

Imagine someone who did something so bad to America has finally been killed. This is what people take this celebration as. No one can say for sure what is really next for us as a nation. Is 9/11 really over? Can we put it behind us like the world wars? Thousands of people died on 9/11 at ground zero. The survivors have memories that will be told for generations. But why did it have to happen?

We go to sleep knowing that a terrorist is dead and that there is one less human in the world.  There are questions unanswered and the truth is not set in stone. We can celebrate but on the other side of the world, there is a girl who lost her dad. She is also asking herself why and what is next. What will she do? Is she the next nightmare of America? Will she continue where her dad passionately left off? I wish we knew…

Source: CNN News Edition- http://edition.cnn.com/
By Maggie Poling, Grade 9

Celebrities are everywhere. Why is that? Well, do they choose to be on the cover of tabloids and magazines in every grocery store in the country? Or, is it something, or someone else? Is there someone who makes sure these people are getting as much exposure as they possibly can? I think there is. And I think their name is paparazzi.

Paparazzi are responsible for exposing celebrities to the public to the point where we know more about them then they know even know about themselves. The weird thing is, the only one profiting from all of this are the paparazzi. I’m sure celebs do not enjoy getting their picture taken all the time, especially when they’re picking up their mail while wearing a robe and avocado face mask. They know then the pictures are bound to show up on the cover of something, and if I were one of them, I am not sure I’d be happy about that.

And what about us? Do we really care what Paris Hilton wore on New Years Eve or what Jennifer Lopez looks like with no makeup? Not really! Sure, maybe some of us do, but I am pretty sure the majority of the population finds all of this celebrity exposure to be almost…depressing. It makes the regular people feel like you have to be gorgeous to get all of that attention, because typically, the people who are on the cover the most are the ones people want to look at. Although, is that fair to the people - the regular people? We want to feel like celebrities are just like us. Perhaps the magazines out today try harder to make us feel like celebrities are common folk, but the paparazzi teach us they truly aren’t.

Honestly, I’m not even sure the tabloids and celebrity gossip magazines enjoy paparazzi. They have to pay for these pictures, and from what I’ve heard, they’re not inexpensive. Then, the magazines will make up horrid stories, trying to sell the cliché: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” How can they live with themselves?

Point being, I just don’t get it. Paparazzi are trying to make a living, but do they realize they may just be destroying other people’s careers, other people’s lives? They’re almost like seagulls, prowling the skies until they find a piece of food to gobble up, stealing something that doesn’t belong to them.

On the other hand, paparazzi are people, too. They have families and lives outside of their job. Many of them are simply trying to feed their kids...but does that really make what they do okay?

What do you think? Do you support paparazzi? Or do you disagree with what they do? Start a discussion in the comment section below!

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