A Day in the Life of a Home Schooled Student
By Maggie Poling, Grade 9

When you go to traditional school, pretty much every day is the same. You wake up early (extremely early!), get ready, rush off to school, participate in extracurricular activities after school, come home, do homework, eat dinner, and go to bed. It’s the same thing, over and over again. Then, you spend the weekend being lazy, doing more homework, and catching up on the sleep you missed during the week. It may be cliché, but after a while, you begin to feel like a broken record.

However, that’s not the way the wind chimes when you’re a home schooled student through Florida Virtual School! Overall, everything’s up to you (and your parents, of course)! If you feel like sleeping in…sleep in! If you want to stay up late to catch up on your favorite shows…go for it, you can always sleep in the next day anyway! Better yet, students home schooled through FLVS are able to choose their own pace! So if you want to get ahead, or take it slow, it’s all up to you!

Other than the obvious things, what else does a home schooled student do in one day? For example, what about lunch? How does that work? Does a cafeteria lady knock on your door at precisely noon with a tray of tater tots and pizza? Well, no, unfortunately she does not. Instead, a home schooled student must either make their lunch, or have one of their family members do it for them. It’s an interesting twist to the usual cafeteria lunch, because again, everything is up to you!

What about friends? Do home schooled students even have friends? Of course they do! The difference is that we have to go out and find them by participating in extracurricular activities throughout the community. As a home schooled student, we are even allowed to take electives at a conventional school, if that’s what we would like to do. The options are virtually unlimited.

Lastly, do we have a bunch of free time? Or exactly the opposite? Well, as I have said numerous times above, it’s up to you! If you want to graduate early, earn scholarships, be a great student and join one or all of the clubs Florida Virtual School offers, then yes, you’re going to be busy! That’s just one of the things you can’t dodge if you want to be a good student. The truth of the matter is, being academically successful takes a lot of time, no matter whether you are home schooled or not.

Home schooling is different, but it’s by no means terrible! Although your days may pan out differently than a student who goes to regular school, that’s not to say both of you won’t have just as bright a future. It takes working hard, determination, and a good attitude to succeed…no matter who you are, or how you learn!


By Maggie Poling, Grade 9

Braces: it’s just one of the many things we do to look our best. That doesn’t mean they’re not a pain in the mouth though, and I mean that both literally and metaphorically speaking. In fact, I’m at the brink of getting mine off. But in the meantime, I am sick and tired of them.

Anyone who has had, or does have, braces can relate when I say they make you feel entirely self conscious. It’s hard to comprehend how something that’s doing so much good can feel so entirely bad throughout the process. Even when you know the end is nearing, you just can’t help put feel…blah. You can feel the metal brackets poking you, and because you’re so aware of their presence, you can’t help but think that’s all people see when they look at your face. It’s like having a bad hair day, or a zit…you see the imperfection, so you’re positive everyone else does, too.

Albeit, when you talk to someone with acne, or meet someone with braces…do you judge them? Think about it: last time you met someone with some type of “distraction” per say, was that the first thing you saw and judged? Perhaps there was an initial reaction to the person’s appearance, but was this imperfection also your lasting impression? Of course not! The trait or thing that you hate about yourself is also the last thing on anyone else’s mind. What a person remembers about you is your personality. They remember if you were kind, funny, quirky, or charming. They recall the positive traits, but only if the positive traits overcome the bad ones. In other words, if you show everyone you have more pros than cons in how you act and how your treat others, then those positive attributes will outshine the bad things. The capacity of frizz you have upon your head, nor the metal in your mouth can outweigh a beautiful persona.

7/5/2011 05:29:50 am

I loved your article!!! lol maybe because i am also homeschooled!!! haha...

Most people thing that we dont ahve time for our friends. It makes me laugh. I probably see my friends more than any other teen that goes to public school. I mean how lucky am i to just put my work on hold and go to the beach with my friends!!

I am also lucky that i dont have to eat the cafaterias food. As everyone else is eating a cold pizza i am going out to a resterant with my friends ordering STEAK!!!!!

So i personally think homeschooling is better. Everyone should give it a try. I did and look i love it!!!

So maggie you are spot on with this article. Way to go!!!

Anna A
7/18/2011 11:02:28 pm

I am a new student to virtual school and I already love it sooo much more! I love that you can pick your pace and there are no disruptions other than your dog barking or your mom calling you for lunch! There are so many more opportunities offered in FLVS. More cool clubs, better technology, and so much more. I love Blackboard Elluminate! It is a great way to stay connected while learning something!


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