Juggling a Part Time Job and School
By Eliana Lozano, Grade 10

The issue with our economy has affected parents and teenagers in the exact same way. Teenagers sometimes have the need to get a part-time job in order to make ends meet in their households; thus leading to teenagers dropping out of high school or quitting some of their duties.

With more than 26% of students not graduating from high school in time, it is very important to recognize how to balance a part time job and school work.  

One of the most important steps to take is to talk to teachers about the situation of the student, so that they can both agree on creating a schedule and maintaining the students turning in their work on time.  

Students should also make it a priority to talk to their boss and letting them know about their special situation, and agree on a plan to help them succeed in their academic life.  

Furthermore, it is very crucial to set aside some time to enjoy a television show, listen to music or to hang out at the beach with friends.  


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Lydia Jones
6/22/2011 11:47:54 pm

That's me right now blancing public school, FLVS, and work. I hardly have time to see family or friends :(


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