Self Defense Tips
By Maggie Poling, Grade 9

Imagine you’re walking home from school when a man jumps out of the bushes and confronts you. What do you do? Your instincts may tell you to fight back with a punch in the ribs, a bite to the wrist, or a stab in the eye. On the contrary, doing just that may get you into more trouble.

An attacker is very unstable, running through the motions with adrenaline as their prime source of energy. You don’t want to attack someone who obviously isn’t thinking straight, so what do you do instead? One of the best ways, in fact, is to de-escalate the situation. Try to calm the person down. If it’s a robber asking for money, give him the money. That’s what he wants, right? Or, if someone is verbally abusing you, try to agree with them (even if you don’t actually second their opinion, don’t let them know that right now). This may sustain the attack from getting worse.

There are simple steps you can take to avoid a confrontation as well. For example, if you’re out at night, travel in a group. Also, remember to keep your confidence up. If you look like you know where you’re going, and you appear to be alert, a possible attacker might just back off. Of course, always carrying a cell phone and let someone know where you will be.

Although these suggestions are good, there’s only one thing you can do to be your most self-defense-savvy-self. The biggest tip I can give you is to take a self defense class. Research where they’re provided in your community, and take it with a friend to make it more fun. Although this may go against de-escalating the situation, sometimes knowing your karate chops is the only thing that will keep you safe.


By Nicole Sills, Grade 9

I'm back from my amazing experience in Houston, Texas where I attended the I-SWEEEP International Science Fair. Meeting all of those people from dozens of countries was fantastic!  But more importantly were the results.  

First there were gold medal winners who won $1,000, then the silver medal winners who won $600, followed by bronze medal winners who won $400, and the honorable mention winners who won $200. Listed below are all the awards:

HUNSTEM (Houston Urban Network for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) – 9 Awards
 North American College – 5 Awards
U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research – 8 Awards
Aggie STEM – 4 Awards
U.S. Air Force – 5 Awards
U.S. Army – 5 Awards
University of Texas at Austin – 10 Awards
Prairie View A&M – 11 Awards
Texas Department of Transportation – 2 Awards
 MOSTRATEC International Science Fair, Brazil – 1 Award University of  Houston, Texas Center for Superconductivity and Advanced Materials – 2 Awards
Youniversal Laboratories – 1 Award
Brighten Tech solutions – 4 Awards
Helix Design and Production – 1 Award
ASME International Petroleum Technology Institute – 1 Award Cabot Oil & Gas – 2 Awards
Metro Texas Commercial – 1 Award
NOAA – 1 Award
Silicon Laboratories – 1 Award
Texas Instruments – 3 Awards
UT Dallas Department of Molecular and Cell Biology – 2 Awards

Find out more information at http://isweeep.org/ and to see who won and what they won. If I succeeded, why can’t you?

Editor's Note: We're proud to announce that Nicole Sills took home a bronze medal for her environment project "HEAT BE GONE: The Effect of Recyclable Aluminum Heat Sinks on the Temperature in the Atmosphere". Congratulations, Nicole!

Nicole Sills
6/27/2011 05:06:11 am

Thank you so much to whoever put up the editors note!!! That is so sweet of you guys!! Thanks again!! I really enjoyed the experience and missed my NIACers a whole lot!!


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