iOS 5: iCloud and More
By Kelsey Gulick, Grade 9

If you own an Apple computer or an iDevice, chances are that you’ve seen the ‘Coming This Fall’ announcements of iOS 5 and iCloud. Question is: What are these things?

Welcome to iOS 5, an update containing over 200 new features for your Apple computer, iDevice, or PC (if your PC is set up for this). So let’s take a look at some of the new features:

A Notification Center: Rather than having to go through multiple apps, just go to the Notification Center to see all your notifications at once, with just the touch of a button.

iMessage: Tired of having to go from instant messaging app from instant messaging app to talk to all of your friends? iMessage lets you communicate quickly and easily with all your iOS 5 using friends. Not only do you have to send written messages, though; enjoy sharing photos, videos, contacts, and locations with all of your friends.

Reminders: Tired of always forgetting things? Can’t remember every FLVS course you need to work on? Club meetings you need to attend? Type yourself a friendly reminder and your device will remind you of these things. For easier reminders, give it a location and as soon as you reach it, your device will give you the reminder.

Camera: Your camera has been updated, folks! Need to take a photo fast? Go right to the camera app straight from the lock screen of your iDevice. Does your photo have red eye or does it need cropping? You can edit your photo right after taking it.

Mail: Tired of typing without emphasis? Make your font bold, italic, or underlined so that you can easily share your opinion without having to do all caps.

Gamecenter: Has Gamecenter been a bit too plain for you? Beef up your profile with a profile picture. Show the world that you have a good poker face. And what about friends? Haven’t had enough on there? Now, welcome to friend suggestions based off of apps you both play often and based off of mutual friends. Plus, check out your opponents to see if they are actually people you can beat at your favorite games!

iCloud: Want to have all your photos, videos, emails, apps, etc. on all of your devices? Now you can. Let’s say you take a photo on your iPhone. Look there! Now it’s also on your iPad.

And Apple isn’t finished. This fall, you will have all this and more.

Image by Kelsey Gulick, Grade 9

3DS: The Cons
By Samantha Coville, Grade 9

One of the biggest things in the gaming world right now is the 3DS from Nintendo. This gaming system allows you to surf the web, take pictures, and play games in 3D. But there are some cons to this popular device.

Some of my favorite games are from the Game Boy Advance era. Though the device itself is no longer the best one available, the games are top notch and still loads of fun to play. The first con to the 3DS: no Game Boy Advance cartridge slot. This means you’ll probably end up selling all of your games for the Game Boy Advance and for me, that’s a bummer.

Another con to the 3DS is the 3D! The 3D part of the device can harm your eyes. Doctors request that children take breaks after 30 minutes of play time. I don’t know about you, but when I play a game, I spend more than 30 minutes at a time. Also, the 3D can cause permanent damage, like squinting eyes.

Some parents argue that this is not really a con. They believe that this is better for their child, because the child will have to stop gaming every 30 minutes. They’ll probably get up or go outside, which makes the child more active. So, it can be a pro or a con depending on the situation.

My last con for the 3DS is the games that are available. Some companies and gaming groups have come out with new games specifically created for the 3DS and its 3D technology. But other companies don’t bother with it. If I want to pay over a hundred dollars for a 3D gaming system, I want 3D games for it. But, sadly, the supply is small.

The pros are numerous for Nintendo’s 3DS, but so are the cons. From injuries to lack of gaming, the 3DS has far to go. Hopefully, within the next few years, companies like Nintendo will further develop the fun hand-held device.

Photograph by Kelsey Gulick, Grade 9

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