Wii 2
By Niharika, Grade 10

The upcoming release of Nintendo’s new Wii 2 video console has caused some rumors, which may or may not be true.

The remote could have a stylish new twist. This remote has a six inch screen on it, and will probably be a touch screen. This information has been confirmed by developers, except for the touch screen part. Although Nintendo is not leaking any more information, this was gathered by the local rumors.

Wii 2 will make its debut on June 7.

There are further rumors that Wii 2 will be HD, just like PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360. However, no one has confirmed this information.

There also have been rumors that Wii 2 will take in more hard core games, rather than those rated E. It will have an extensive ability to play shooting games, as well as other severe games. This will be better for older players that like those types of games, as the original Wii is mostly known for animated, all-ages games.

One more exciting rumor: like the original Wii, the Wii 2 will be able to run older types of Nintendo video games made for different consoles, such as GameCube and other versions.

This exciting new game console will be making its debut in the following weeks, and is sure to have a lot of buyers!


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