World’s Smallest Computer
By Samantha Coville, Grade 9

Imagine this: a computer that is smaller than the letters on a penny. That sounds pretty extreme, right? Not. The world’s smallest computer is about the size of this text!

The computer was designed for medical reasons. It will be used on human eyes to watch for glaucoma, which can blind its victims.

The tiny computer can hold two weeks of memory and can do this on a battery that is solar powered. The battery only needs one and a half hours of sunlight a day or ten hours of indoor light to stay charged.

The big downside to the machine is that it can’t “talk,” or transmit messages back and forth, with computers like it. This will hopefully be fixed in the coming years.

The tiny computer is complete, but it is still being fixed and edited. Within the next decade, the world’s smallest computer will be up and running for the public.

Photograph by Priscilla, Grade 9

Rosemary, News Editor
6/21/2011 12:03:23 am

Great article, Sammi! :D You're really stepping into your new position as Technology Editor, and doing a wonderful job!


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