Review: Ellen’s Know or Go Application for iPhone and iPod Touch
By Maggie Poling, Grade 9

It began with a new game on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen announced this latest merriment as “Know or Go!” Ever since, audience members on The Ellen Show have been answering questions while standing on a platform, waiting in anticipation to “go”, or in other words, fall through a hole and to their fate if they answer a question wrong. I must admit, it’s a hilarious, if not cruel, concept.

Now iPhone and iPod Touch owners can play the game at their fingertips (without the sensation of falling through a hole, that is)! Being a big fan of Ellen’s show, and of the game “Know of Go!”, I decided to purchase the app and try it out.

Once downloaded, the first step was to create an avatar. I selected a picture of myself from my iPod Touch and pasted my head to an animated body. Then, I selected which outfit I wanted to wear (all very stylin’… It was so hard to choose), and I was on my way! When the game began, I was greeted by Ellen. Well, more like a picture of Ellen’s head on an animated body (twins!). She said something funny, and so the game began. The first question had something to do with Thomas Jefferson. Luckily - and only by an immense amount of chance - I selected the correct answer. My character did a little dance, and continued the game.

My only issue with the questions is that you don’t get to choose a category - it’s a completely random selection! I would have preferred choices, but I’ll get over it eventually. Throughout the game, I was able to use “lifesavers” if I didn’t know the answer to a question, which are earned after you answer a few questions correctly without any help from a floating device. I also earned accolades the first time I answered 10 questions correctly, which made me dance (and I am not talking about my “avatar“ doing a jig)! The best thing was, I got my Dad to play the game with me the following day, in two-player mode. I have a feeling this is going to become a new staple on family game night, because not only is “Know or Go!” fun, it’s also hilarious!
Rating: Four out of five stars! Go ahead and purchase it. If anything, you’ll get a good laugh!

iPhone5 Myths and Facts       
By Eliana Lozano, Grade 10

Ever since Steve Jobs and Apple employees released the first iPhone on June 29, 2007, we have fallen in love with the idea of smartphones. Following Apple’s footsteps, other manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, and Windows HTC have released their smartphones, too.

According to research, 28 percent of smartphone users have the Android operating system, compared to the 26 percent that use the iPhone operating system. Even though the Android software by Google has become the most used mobile operating system, the iPhone has gained more popularity. Various press releases have been stating that the iPhone5 is coming soon, but has it decreased sales for the iPhone4? Not at all! Since Verizon Wireless and AT&T both released the iPhone4, more customers are being attracted to buy the product. Furthermore, Simple Mobile (a fairly new company) has also allowed its customers to bring their phones, unlock them, and use the SIM card. They can pick unlimited calling, texting and/or web browsing plans without a contract.

To focus on the iPhone5, the release date remains uncertain. However, Google reported to have the words “iPhone5 release date” on the Hot Topics list, and various blogs have claimed to know the exact release date such as June 3, 4, or 20 of 2011. An article from reports that it is impossible for the iPhone5 to be released as early as these blogs are claiming. Fifteen of the Sony plants that manufacture the iPhone have slowed down production because of the Japan earthquake. Steve Jobs’ medical leave can also delay the production of the iPhone. Thus, it can be safe to conclude that until Apple confirms the official iPhone5 release date, nobody knows!

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